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CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 õ [Read] ➫ Dark Hollow Author John Connolly – Dark Hollow is a masterful second novel from a young Irish writer whose storytelling skills were established with Every Dead Thing Now his fiery ingenious detective Charlie Bird Parker returns to unco Dark Hollow is a masterful second novel from a young Irish w[Read] Dark Hollow Author John Connolly Dark Hollow is a masterful second novel from a young Irish writer whose storytelling skills were establish.

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Ed with Every Dead Thing Now his fiery ingenious detective Charlie Bird Parker returns to unco Dark Hollow is a masterful second novel from a young Irish writer whose storytelling.

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Dark HollowSkills were established with Every Dead Thing Now his fiery ingenious detective Charlie Bird Parker returns to uncover a legacy of evil that has haunted Maine citizens for decades..

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  • Meredith

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark Hollow “Two violent occurrences taking place almost simultaneously one winter’s night bound together by a single dark thread that lost itself in tangled memories of distant brutal acts” This uote sums up a complicated and gruesome plot While I have been trying to entertain myself with lighter reads they weren’t getting the job done So I made the decision to catch up on one of my favorite dark and brutally violent series instead As always with this series the plot is complex the writing is superb and the characters are endearing Charlie Angel and Louis light

  • carol.

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowI ordered this from the library with ambivalence; though I enjoy Connolly's writing I didn't find the first book of the Charlie Parker series particularly enjoyable body count was a little high for me However book 8 The Lovers was engrossing and well done so I thought it was worth finding out about Parker's timeline Also his Samuel Jackson series is excellent I found a rather solid mystery thriller peppered with the descriptive passages I've come to loveThe plot centers around Parker doing a pity favor for a old childhood acuaintance She'd like child support from her husband Billy Purdue so she can take their son and head out of state Billy thinks he's gonna make good if his latest plan works only trouble is that it means stealing from a desperate mob boss Billy and the money disappear Rita and her son are killed and everyone's on the hunt for the money Parker is ready to let it g

  • John Culuris

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowIn Charlie Parker’s debut Every Dead Thing John Connolly introduced a protagonist who had already fallen from grace; a New York City police detective he was getting drunk in a bar as his wife and young daughter were being brutally murdered With absolutely no progress made on the case in the months that follow he falls further as evidenced in part by his resignation Only in taking on a different case privately do details emerge that lead to the dead of night serial killer that took his family In the process Parker manages to alienate or push away what friends and colleagues he has left Dark Hollow finds Charlie Parker having abandoned the New York of his recent past for the Maine of his youth living in emotional solitude Asked by a family friend to try and collect at least some of the alimony money owed by her ex husband Parker’s brief confrontation with the man and the subseuent mur

  • mark monday

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark Hollowevery book starts out as a three star book for me I am hopeful but realistic I treat books like I treat people am I prepared to like ie 3 stars a person right off the bat well yeah why not but am I prepared to really like 4 stars a person automatically I don't think so let's get to know each other firstDark Hollow is a solid 3 star book I liked it haunted former police detective Charlie Parker is embroiled in his second crime mystery this time involving an array of repulsive villains including a pair of repulsive hitmen a repulsive serial killer and a repulsive mafia guy also involved is a repulsive sheriff who holds a grudge against Parker and a repulsive man on the run who is at the center of the mystery uite a repulsive cast but the novel it

  • Gary

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowIt's hard to describe how much I am enjoying this series I have had several mediocre to bad reads lately and these last two books by this author have been a dark refreshing wind The main character Charlie Parker continues to develop and grow By beginning with the horror introduced in the first book the author is able to create psychological parallels and foundations that build both plot platforms interpersonally and through the horrific events that seem to gravitate toward the protagonistThere is no doubt that the author is a m

  • Ginger

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowWOW I have to give this 5 STARSThanks Terry and Latasha for a great buddy read and continuing on with this series I'm so excited to read t

  • Paul Nelson

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark Hollow 'There are people whose eyes you must avoid whose attention you must not draw to yourself' So the second book in the Charlie Parker series and my reread mission continues Hired by a woman to get child support from her ex husband Charlie joins a lengthy ueue of people searching for Billy Purdue and the alleged funds he's suddenly come into Pretty soon Rita Purdue and her son are dead there are mobsters hitmen and all sorts running round being naughty and Charlie has to wade through it all with a little help from Angel and LouisHis old boss Walter Cole's daughter comes to visit and then goes missing everything leads back to Dark Hollow and a chapter of Charlie Parker's history His Grandfather back in the day was haunted by a series of deaths missing women A killer that was never caught sure enough someone went down for it but he never believed they'd caught the right man 'In the old house the past hung in the air like motes

  • Dirk Grobbelaar

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowThe success of Every Dead Thing appears to have energized John Connolly because here he writes with a confidence and clarity that other authors take a lifetime to achieve If ever A particularly vivid experience this You can taste smell and breathe this book The opening words I dream dark dreams set the tone of the novel It is indeed the stuff of dreams Terrifying dreamsThe plot involves the hunt for a serial killer as with Every Dead Thing's The Traveling Man You'll have to decide for yourself which is the most terrifying between the aforementioned and Dark Hollow's Caleb Kyle John Connolly weaves an intricate tapestry and this book is a joy to read once again You'll be forgiven if you're reminded of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas once in a while Highly highly recommended

  • Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowI don't read many thrillers In fact my entire repertoire of thrillers before this book consisted of Silence of the Lambs and the first Charlie Parker I only read a thriller when the mood strikes me Or when my uncle steals my e reader gets me a copy and hits me over the head with the e readerHe

  • Lyn

    CHARACTERS Dark Hollow 109 Dark HollowDarkTo describe a book entitled Dark Hollow by decidedly dark fiction writer John Connolly and starring the most definitely dark protagonist Charlie “Bird” Parker seems a bit redundant but that’s the feeling left after having read Dark Hollow that it is darkParker is dark because he is still haunted by the brutal slayings of his wife and child as described in the eually dark first novel in the series Connolly’s dark 1999 novel Every Dead Thing – which does not contain the word dark but does mention “dead” and except