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IsabellaE hopes long ago Ever aware of duty Isabella accompanies her two young cousins to oversee their debut in Londononly to find that it's Isabella who is attracting all the suitorsall of whom do seem to have uite an excess of creditorsThere's the sinfully sexy Basil Trevelyan a rake through and through the kind of rake that even sensible Isabella can barely resist And then there's his maddeningly handsome cousi.

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N the Earl of Hartleigh who makes her heart nearly leap out of her chest with just a glance of his eyePoor poor Isabella What's a girl to do But importantlywho's a girl to chooseNever did prim and proper Isabella think that having two rakish suitors would cause a scandal so earth shattering that it would rattle all her family skeletons get one over on all those vile gossip mongers and land her an ideal husband.

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Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 Ô ❮Ebook❯ ➦ Isabella ➧ Author Loretta Chase – At the spinster age of 26 the independent wealthy and imminently sensible Isabella Latham had forgotten about marriage hopes long ago Ever aware of duty Isabella accompanies her two young cousins to o At the spinster age ofEbook Isabella Author Loretta Chase At the spinster age of 26 the independent wealthy and imminently sensible Isabella Latham had forgotten about marriage hopes long ago Ever aware of duty Isabella accompanies her two young cousins to o At the spinster age of the independent wealthy and imminently sensible Isabella Latham had forgotten about marriag.

Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in of Albanian ancestry For her the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade Before then she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share In her teenage years she continue to write letters keep a journal write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished She attended New Engl.

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  • Karishma

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaThis was the first book written by Loretta Chase and it definitely shows But even through all the confusion and most of the book being attempts at various historical romance tropes the potential shines through I'm glad that this was very short otherwise I would have had difficulty finishing itRecommended only for fans of Loretta Chase who want to experience her writing journey and how she has matured as an author It was an enjoyable experienceUpdate 24052020I don't know what I was thinking last time this was nothing bu

  • Kathy

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaI thought this was rather enjoyable It had been on my radar for a long time after seeing my good friend Deb’s review a few years ago I’d been trying to get my hands on a copy Last night I saw that finally had it available in Kindle format I uickly bought it and got lost in Isabella’s story I liked Isabella Lord Heartleigh and even Isabella’s mother Maria I liked that Maria put on uite the show when really she was sharp and knew exactly what was going on around her I liked her stor

  • Ilze

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaI was lucky to purchase this book in the first edition hardcover from eBay published by Walker and Company The book has a fly leaf dedication written by Loretta Chase herself hoping that the dedicatee likes the book and laughs at least three times at the publisher's errors if nothing elseUnfortunately I can't recommend the book to anyone except a die hard Loretta Chase fan There is far too much plot for a short book like this and parts of the plot are far too contrived to be believable the subplot about the mother Some of the secondary characters are extremely anno

  • Keri

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaI am so thankful that LC went on to write some of my most favorite historical romances I am also thankful that this isn't the first book I read by her This was the most conv

  • Lady Wesley

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaThis book is Loretta Chase's debut and for a first book it's pretty good There are glimmers of the Chase to come but the plot development is uite confusing although I suspect that some of my confusion could be blamed on bad Kindle formatting Scene shifts in mid chapter which ordinarily might be marked by extra spacing a wingding or a dropped capital were not marked in any way The plot itself was uite good and I would love to see how today's Loretta Chase would write this book

  • Elodie

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaWhile I do adored my first two reads by Loretta Chase “Dukes prefer Blondes” “Duke in Shining Armor” this one left me with a taste of lackingFor what I did understood it was her first published work maybe why her heroine character missed a spine for a young woman who says to the vilain of the book she always says what she thinks she lets false rumors get to her and then takes the worth possible decisionThe hero is far from perfect as he needed time to clearly comprehend and accept his feelings but in all he did nothing as stupid as Isabella didThe vilain obviously acts like one but as the author shares his point of view we see all is not completely black he has some remorses and in some way falls too for IsabellaI was afraid at first when I read in some reviews there was a love triangle a trope I rather dislike but in fact there is none as she herself feels unsettle by Basil’s presence when sh

  • QNPoohBear

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaEdward Trevelyan Earl of Hartleigh faced down the French and nearly died as a spy for Wellington Nothing has made him fearful than arriving home to his ward's governess tearfully confessing she has lost Lucy Hartleigh is terrified he has failed his late friend He promised he would look after Lucy and now she's lost in the middle of an unfamiliar and dangerous city How could this have happen

  • Estara

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaThis must be a reread though I don't remember it because I bought those double editions of old Loretta Chase regencies in paperback in the 90s hmm checks shelves again Yup It obviously didn't leave any real impression with me Interesting because some of the combined editions I uite liked and rememberProduction values NYLA publishers an agent that publishes books is a publisher in my book managed to pick a much prettier cover than they had for the first release of Lord of Scoundrels generally paragraphs and indentation and punctuation are fine no major paragraph breaks when the scene shifts somewhere else you need a minute to realise you are now looking at other characters obviously no one copy edited the scanned content too carefully while there are only one or two real spelling mistakes there are lots of wrong words in the wrong place His Grace the C

  • kris

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaI'm attempting to read ALL THE CHASE and so Isabella This book suffers for the obvious love affair Chase was developing with Basil It was as if she started out with a plot idea heiress Cit is torn between the sensual bad boy and the proper Earl and then promptly d

  • Gail

    Isabella Read & Download ´ 105 IsabellaIs this book perfect Maybe not Was it just exactly what I needed YES Isabella is an heiress of modest standing and disposition over whom two cousins battle enchanted as they are by her uiet intelligence Yes the plot took a fairly predictable course Yes the characters lacked depth Yes the tone of the storytelling abruptly changed No there weren't any steamy scenes And yet I loved it Go figure It probably has something to do with zingers like the following that seem to both epitomize and wittingly skewer the genre Now it is very true tha