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Fractured Free download ´ 104 ´ [KINDLE] ❆ Fractured By D.J. Molles – This is the destiny of those who stand for others Their honor will be bought in blood and pain The Camp Ryder Hub is broken Lee is nowhere to be found and his allies are scattered across the state eac This is the destiny of those who stand for others This war will not remain silent for long And in this savage world everyone will have to make a choice To keep their morals Or keep their livesThis is the fourth novel in DJ Molles's bestselling series Book The RemainingBook The Remaining AftermathBook The Remaining RefugeesBook The Remaining FracturedNovella The Remaining TrustNovella The Remaining Faith.

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N The Camp Ryder Hub is broken Lee is nowhere to be found and his allies are scattered across the state each of them learning that their missions will not be as easy as they thought Inside the walls of Camp Ryder a silent war is brewing between those few that still support Lee's vision of rebuilding and the majority that support Jerry's desire for isolation But.

Fractured Free download ´ 104 DJ Molles is the New York Times bestselling author of The Remaining series The Remaining was originally self published in and uickly became an Internet bestseller He is also the author of Wolves a winner in the Horror category for the Foreword INDIES Book Awards and the Grower's War series This year he will release the Audible Original Johnny as well as Harden.

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Fractured[KINDLE] Fractured By D.J. Molles This is the destiny of those who stand for others Their honor will be bought in blood and pain The Camp Ryder Hub is broken Lee is nowhere to be found and his allies are scattered across the state eac This is the destiny of those who stand for others Their honor will be bought in blood and pai.

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  • Timothy Mayer

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedSpoiler alert You have been warnedThe saga of Captain Lee Harden and Camp Ryder continues to build in The Remaining Fractured by D J MollesHaving survived an assassination attempt Capt Lee Harden US Army must continue with his mission to restore civilization in the aftermath of the FURY plague outbreak Meanwhile Jerry the sleazy politico has staged a coup in Camp Ryder leaving him in control of the last outpost of human civilization in North Carolina Another group under the command of Sargent LaRouche is working its way north to blow the bridges across the river and block the horde of infected from sweeping south At the same time the scientist Jacob is working in an abandoned hospital with some of the camp Ryder turncoats to try and find out if the infected have evolved to the stage of self reproduction In the background The Followers religious fanatics who loot and rape are always ready to strikeThere's not a lot of new surprises in this episode We mostly follow around the group

  • Jane Emler

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedMy brother asked me what I've been reading and I told him it was this book He asked what it was like and I had to pause Finally I managed a close but still not accurate description It is like Th

  • Trish

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedWhoa Just Whoa The largest book in the series so far and definitely the one I had the worst feelings while reading it Everything was just so broken and dark in the beginning and it did seem to only get worse even if there were some hopeful chapters Unfortunately the author also wrote at the end of the book that the last chapters of The Remaining series are in progress which probably means that there will only be one book still don't know how I feel about THAT but hope dies last rightFor now I'm pretty content with the ending although there were some developments I didn't like too much But since all my favourites got out relatively fine I won't complain ;pCharacter development

  • Bradley

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedFor as much as I've enjoyed the past 3 novels there was something LONG and DRAWN out about this oneSure the fractured camp the splitting up of all these forces Lee's capture all the betrayals the rapes the torture the idiotic spiral of isolationism the rise of despotsWell These things do happen in a zombie wasteland do they not I mean it's kinda expected at this point EVERYONE BETRAYS EVERYONEWell except for the main character He will even go back for his dog So there's that But most of the novel isn't with his PoVI want to like this Parts were pretty popcorn but I burned out on Walking

  • Shilpi Goel

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedGreat job Molles Thank you for making my summer reading interesting Now if only the next book were coming out this summer as well sigh Like the previous The Remaining books this one was hard to put down as well A large part of this is because of the fast paced action and the incessant developments that keep the reader at the edge of hisher seat but credit definitely goes to the fact that the breakneck pace did not preclude character development or introspective monologues So applause for that from this readermaybe a spoilerIt was interesting to see how characters other than Lee managed themselves Angela in particular made a strong impression LaRouch

  • Pablo Padilla

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedI believe this series is by far the best post apocalyptic series dealing with humans infected with FURY FURY turns humans into a violent blood mongering being In contrast to zombies these monsters aren't dead and they retain their primitive animal behavior Infected humans slowly evolve and become an isotope of humanity only stronger faster cunning and apparently adept to survive than uninfected humans This posses a threat to survivors Some of the infected have evolved to become hunters a much aggressive version of human ancestors cavemen if you willUp till now another fact sets this series apart from other post apocalyptic stories involving infected humans the infected actually reproduce They aren't the concoction of the devil or some

  • Patrick

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedWhat a series Kind of sad there's only two books left These books would make a good netflix series Great read

  • Chad Beaudin

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedThis is a poorly written synopsis not a reviewSpoilers aheadBook opens with a flashback of how Angela and her daughter came to be on the roof from the first bookAngela awakes in the metal storage container where she is deikf held prisioner Jerry comes in and tells her that she can coke out of the container to see her kids if she keeps her mouth shut about Jerry killing BusJoseph and Doc Hamilton are back at Smithfield hospital studying the captured femaleAt Camp rydee Professor White was getting on Jerry's nerves Jerry sends White on a scouting trip

  • M.L. Doyle

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedTHANK you THANK you THANK youThat’s about all I can say to DJ Molles I haven’t been this enthralled this transported by a series of books sinceEVER I dare anyone especially anyone who ever served in uniform to read these books and not be affected by themSure it’s a zombie story But it’s only about ten percent zombie The rest is about humanity and survival and all of the things that make humans some of the best and some of the worst life forms to populate the earth Sure there’s a bit of blood and gore but no than you would expect in a story about flesh eating undead In my opinion this book has the trilogy of what makes a great storyFirst the pacing is breakneck whiplash holly crap kind of stuff If you’re one of those people who sayslet me just finish this chapter beforeyou’ll find yourself pushing that envelope over and over You just can’t put it downSecond you KNOW these people You know this Captain and his determination aga

  • Stephanie

    Fractured Free download ´ 104 FracturedLoved this book So many twists and surprises had me shocked a few times Loved reading about the peripheral characters and how they relate to Lee and Camp Ryder Can't wait for the next one