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[Download] ➵ Happily Neverafter Author Jordan Castillo Price – Connecfloor.co.uk Greece is full of history so it figures that Chance’s on again off again lover would find him there Sweets to the Sweet appears in Athens during a string of riots and the beguiling creature who now Download Happily Neverafter Author Jordan Castillo Price Connecfloorcouk Greece is full of history so it figures that Chance’s on again off again lover would find him there Sweets to the Sweet appears in Athens during a string of riots and the beguiling creature who now Greece is full of history so it figures that Chance’s on again off again love

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Versity and put him in the daily path of hurled insults spit wads and cobblestones American Dave Shaw is ruing the fact that he never managed to learn any Greek before he embarked on the world’s worst vacation aloneCop meets tourist in a brilliant conflagration—and amidst the Molotov cocktails and burning cars Chance finds the lure of his old flame impossible to resis

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Happily NeverafterR would find him there Sweets to the Sweet appears in Athens during a string of riots and the beguiling creature who now goes by the name Hunter has insinuated himself among the staff of a nearby hospitalMilo Alexakis is a member of the Hellenic Police—and with all the protests and the rioting he’s ruing the crappy grades and crappier finances that kept him out of uni

eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Author and artist Jordan Castillo Price writes paranormal sci fi thrillers colored by her time in the Midwest from inner city Chicago to various cities across southern Wisconsin She’s settled in a Cape Cod near Lake Michigan with tons of character and a plethora of bizarre spiders Any disembodied noises she’s decided will be blamed on the ice makerJordan is best known as the author of.

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  • Sandra

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterI'm a little confused by this it almost seems like a totally different series which maybe is the point since the last novella definitely turned the tables But the main thing I loved about this series was how sweet and whimsical it was Chance also seemed sweet and whimsical despite his many wry comments and occasional attitude But in this one he seemed bitter and we basically learn that he

  • L-D

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterThis was so far my least favorite story of the series While I like the main character Chance the mysterious owner of Sweets to the Sweet and cupid extraordinaire I feel that this story served as a set up for future stories and wasn't as good as a standalone In previous stories Cha

  • Emmie

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterThe problem was you were interested in Chance and Hunter than in Dave Greek Cop GC guy Also frankly there wasn't much of a connection bw them Dave's character was pretty non descript and could have been replaced w any body I didn't really u

  • Chris

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterVery good short paranormal mm romance about a Greek cop and an American tourist who collide We also find out a bit about Chance although he's really no less mysterious for that

  • Mel

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterWow this was different 375 stars One word of advice don't read this immediately after Wishink Well First because you'll want to see Eddie around and second because that story was just so good that everything after falls flat Not that Happily Neverafter wasn't good Hey it's JCP of course it's good It just that it felt so differentThere was a lot going on Price worked with shifts in time and dimension and had several plot lines and POVs to show us The different story lines were intricately weaved and came together beautifully towards the ending but I can understand some readers find it confusing Especially since in the last story the different story lines and head hopping was at its minimum Also the story took place in Greece While I appreciate the effort and like the fact that Price chose to implement current sociopolitical affairs in the book it just didn't feel like a JCP story I came to find I actually missed the Hillbilly towns in Nowhere State Besides the difference in str

  • ttg

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily Neverafter#11 in the Petit Morts short novella series For those looking for about Chance here's the start of that There is some dollops of info dropped although as usual it's still all very enigmatic Along with that you get a second related story of a closeted Greek police officer and an American tourist who finds himself on the wrong end of a riot All the PM stories have been good reads this one included but it left me a little cold I think the story of The One couldn't totally melt the chill of Chance's tense aloofness as he faced some figures from his past But also as usual JCP leaves you wanting since you want to now find out where all that tension came from On to PM #12 London Eye

  • Cole Riann

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterThe uestions about Chance are answered the confused I get I think I know what's going on but I'll be interested to really find outI liked this story fo

  • DL

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterThis is the very first thing that J C Price has written that I haven't loved Chance didn't seem right His personality was so different from the other books that I was sure one of the new authors must have written it The characters were confusing The plot was confusing After the absolute wonder that book #10 was this just didn't hold up

  • Ruby

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterRating AThis review first appeared on Brief Encounters ReviewsJordan Castillo Price has crafted a real gem of a story to finish off the Petit Morts series and while I’m sad there won’t be any in the future I can’t think of a fitting ending for this last batch of stories Immortal Coil weaves together two very different romances – the human and the immortal – in a way that is profoundly satisfying entertaining and movingThe story begins with Chicago teacher Richard Hill marking student essays about the heart A former wrestling coach who was injured in a shooting Richard has had to leave behind his old jock identity for the sake of his health there’s a bullet lodged in his pericardium which could end his life at any moment Rather than allowing this to make him bitter however Richard has found a sort of peace in his new calm

  • Claudia

    eBook ✓ Happily Neverafter Happily NeverafterI don't really know how I feel about this one or about all the info we got about Chance It's confusing mostly because we are used to a Chance who isn't the one hereIs not that this isn't a good story just I don't know I think to need to know how this series will go from here on before I made up my mind