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Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 É [PDF / Epub] ☃ Playing Dead ✑ Julia Heaberlin – “Dear Tommie Have you ever wondered about who you are”   The letter that turns Tommie McCloud’s world upside down arrives from a stranger only days after her father’s death The woman who wrot “Dear Tommie Have you ever wonTle girl named Adriana Tommie races along a twisting nightmarish path while an unseen stalker is determined to keep old secrets locked inside the dementia battered brain of the woman who Tommie always thought was her real mother With everything she has ever believed in uestion and no one she can trust Tommie must discover the truth about the girl who vanished—and the very real threats that still remain   ..

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S from a stranger only days after her father’s death The woman who wrote it claims that Tommie is her daughter—and that she was kidnapped as a baby thirty one years ago   Tommie wants to believe it’s all a hoax but suddenly a girl who grew up on a Texas ranch finds herself  linked to a horrific past the slaughter of a family in Chicago the murder of an Oklahoma beauty ueen and the kidnapping of a lit.

Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Julia Heaberlin is the author of the international bestseller BLACK EYED SUSANS and PAPER GHOSTS a finalist for Best Novel of the year by the International Thriller Writers WE ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE DARK her latest psychological thriller has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly Her books have sold to than twenty countries including two other psychological thrillers set in T.

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Playing Dead[PDF / Epub] Playing Dead Julia Heaberlin “Dear Tommie Have you ever wondered about who you are”   The letter that turns Tommie McCloud’s world upside down arrives from a stranger only days after her father’s death The woman who wrot “Dear Tommie Have you ever wondered about who you are”   The letter that turns Tommie McCloud’s world upside down arrive.

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  • Sherry

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadFor a bright girl Tommie McCloud is pretty dense When a letter arrives from a stranger after her father's death claiming that Tommie is her kidnapped daughter she really should have put the pieces together a lot uickly Apparently she slept through her PhD program in Psychology worn out no doubt after her many successful years on the rodeo circuit Happily she has a former flame ruggedly handsome blah blah blah who is conveniently in the security business and thus theoretically able to run protection for her while she figures out what's going on Oh wait that's a pretty good reason to play dumb now isn't it Dumb though is how uickly and easily Tommie's lifetime safety is ensur

  • Joanne Parkington

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadI've just read some reviews of this book on here i'm astounded that some people gave it 5 stars FIVE WTF This book is a walking Texas cliche right down to the faded red boots the ten gallon hats Surprise surprise the men are mean moody and the women are split right down the middle as it seems in Texas you are either a pinafored homemaker or a lasso throwing horse riding gun toting 'gal' taking the game to the boy's just like our good 'ole heroine Tommie didn't see that one coming Tommie stalks about everywhere and when she's not spewing out cliched one liners or wearing too shorttoo tight clothes dont ask she's constantly refering to what Mama used to say or Granny used to do or what her Daddy would h

  • Brandie

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadThis one was a slow read It really didn't interest me until well after the halfway point but I have to say I was impressed with that shocking ending

  • Theresa

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadEnjoyable Julia Heaberlin is a talented writer

  • Laura Jeanne

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadOverall a very good page turner The plot is a little complicated but she tyes everything up nicely in the end The author should have done a little research on rodeos The main character was injured when an eight hundred pound steer stomped on my wrist 14 years ago in a rodeo arena in Lubbock TX knocking me from the pedastal of my saddle into mortalityFirst off NO ONE rides steers Men ride bulls but women don't And never with a saddle She mentions this throughout the book and it bothered me every time Women don't ride bulls Especially in college She says a year later I couldn't swing a rope' It would have been very easy to have her injured in a roping event Somewhere in the book s

  • Caitlin

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadOhthis book this bookPlaying Dead is a suspenseful family drama that takes you on an adventure from the past to the present from a ranch in Texas to the Mob in Chicago You never know where this book is going to take a turn or what shocking surprise is in store Julia has a beautiful way of telling a story without revealing too much at once The book starts out a little confusing It starts out instantly fast paced and you wonder what the heck is going on It all unravels and reveals itself over the beginning chapters There is so much mystery and suspense in this book that you have no idea who is who who is really part of the family who is dead who is alive who is on the good side who is out to destroy Tommie's familyTommie is a child psychologist who returns to her family's Texas ranch to attend her father's funeral She receives a mysterious note in the mail that says Dear Tommie have you ever wondered about who yo

  • Alyssa

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadThe synopsis for this book pulled me in and I couldn't wait to begin reading it Unfortunately I was not pleased with this novel Playing Dead opens with Tommie receiving a letter saying that she is not the daughter of the woman that has raised her Tommie obviously finds this letter absurd; she is dealing with the death of her father her mother's illness and the family business I don't want to delve into the story too much partly because it was confusing and partly

  • Regina

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing Dead35 stars Heaberlin is a wonderful writer Years ago I read her novel Lie Still and had a similar reaction to how I feel about Playing Dead I love her style the sentences she forms and her descriptions She has the ability to fully describe a location or a mood and I am there with her in the moment This is a great story it is rich in history and the characters are well drawn Playing Dead's downfall is that it is written like a

  • Lesley

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadI hate when the description of the book sounds so great and then the book is a dud as in boring and a little predictable It gets one star because I admit to skimming several pages in several chapters Sorry I personally cant recommend this one

  • Sandie

    Playing Dead Characters ↠ 107 Playing DeadSet in the remote and thinly populated town of Ponder Texas this debut mystery thriller tells of Tommie McCloud an ex rodeo rider and budding concert pianist can you say incongruous whose dreams of fame in both arenas were shattered by a raging bull Currently pursuing a career as a psychologist she has received a letter from a woman in Chicago indicating that Tommie may not be who she thinks she is With the man she always thought to be her father recently deceased and her mother being cared for in an Alzheimer's facility there is really no one who can verify if the allegation put forth in the letter is true or false Tommie makes a decision to investigate the assertion on her own and makes several startling discoveries not the least of which are 1 the possibility that her real father may be a notorious crime czar currently incarcerated for the murders of an FBI agent and his family 2 her social security number actually belongs to a long dead child and 3 th