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READ ´ Bottled Lightning ✓ ❮BOOKS❯ ✺ Bottled Lightning ✰ Author Seth Fletcher – The sleek electronic tools that have become so ubiuitous—laptops iPods eReaders and smart phones—are all powered by lithium batteries Chances are you've got some lithium on your person right now B The sleek electronic tBOOKS Bottled Lightning Author Seth Fletcher The sleek electronic tools that have become so ubiuitous—laptops iPods eReaders and smart phones—are all powered by lithium batteries Chances are you've got some lithium on your person right now B The sleek electronic tools that have become so ubiuitous—laptops iPods eReaders and smart phones—are all powered by lithium batteries Chances are you've got some lithium on your person right now But aside from powering a mobile twenty first century lifestyle the third element on the periodic table may also hold the key to an environmentally sustainable oil independent future F.

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Rom electric cars to a smart power grid that can actually store electricity letting us harness the powers of the sun and the wind and use them when we need them lithium—a metal half as dense as water created in the first minutes after the Big Bang and found primarily in some of the most uninhabitable places on earth—is the key to setting us on a path toward a low carbon energy future It's also shifting the geopolitical chessboard in profound waysIn Bottled Lightning the science reporter Seth Fletcher takes us on a fascinating journey from the salt flats of Bolivia to the labs of MIT and Stanford from the turmoil at GM to cutting edge lithium ion battery start ups introducing.

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Bottled LightningUs to the key players and ideas in an industry with the power to reshape the world Lithium is the thread that ties together many key stories of our time the environmental movement; the American auto industry staking its revival on the electrification of cars and trucks; the struggle between first world countries in need of natural resources and the impoverished countries where those resources are found; and the overwhelming popularity of the portable Internet connected gadgets that are changing the way we communicate With nearly limitless possibilities the promise of lithium offers new hope to a foundering American economy desperately searching for a green tech boom to revive it..

READ ´ Bottled Lightning Seth Fletcher is a senior editor at Popular Science magazine His writing has also appeared in Men's Journal Outside Salon and other publications He lives in Brooklyn.

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  • Pete

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningBottled Lightning 2011 by Seth Fletcher is a book about the history of batteries and what was happening with batteries in 2011 Batteries are undoubtedly a critical part of many modern systems including our phones laptops and for some people their cars Today in many cities electric scooters also zoom around Bottled Lightning looks at the history of batteries first and then the rise of Lithium Ion batteriesThe book starts well and the history of batteries is interesting The development of Lithium Ion batteries is an interesting if hard to tell tale Why certain compounds do better than others isn't really clear The book loses its way as it gets into patent wars between companies and the early history of electric cars Fletcher did get some pretty decent access to talk to various

  • David Bruns

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningFletcher provides a good overview of the history of the battery the intellectual landscape around the technology and some useful I was there reporting on lit

  • Michael Connolly

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningBatteriesEach cell in a battery has a negative electrode anode and a positive electrode cathode separated by a liuid or solid called the electrolyte A group of one or cells connected together is called a battery Originally batteries were not rechargeable but some recent batteries are rechargeable the nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydrid

  • Austin Larson

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningStarts with the invention of the battery and the hundreds of different chemicals that have been investigated as constituents and proceeds through the many iterations of the electric car that have so far failed Fletcher then explains why lithium batteries are superior to prior versions and looks into the current research into the batteries that may one day be able to compete with the convenience of gas powered engines He finishes the book with a description of the current status of the lithium extraction industry in Chile and Bolivia This is a nice readable introduction to the technology and economics that have conspired to make electric cars untenable in the past and what's changing right now

  • Jim

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningA solid book the author visited with battery manufacturers car companies research labs and traveled to Bolivia and Chile to research this book It left me optomistic regarding the future of electric vehicles and our ability to overcome the technical hurdles

  • Gina

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningThis was an interesting book but I was hoping to read less about cars and about lithium

  • Ed Wagemann

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningNothing symbolizes the greatness of America than the road trip When I was a kid in the 1970s I went on road trips family style disfunctional f

  • Hamid Yuksel

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningI read this book back in High School Nearly 8 years later here I am remembering it I think the book initially caught my interest because of the documentary who killed the electric car The documentary was very eye opening as it shed light on how bureaucracy corporate interests and red tape can hold back human technological advancement Not to advocate for Ayn Rand both this book and the doc I mentioned go into detail into personal stories of real people all involved in the modern history of the electric car I must warn you some of this stuff is a bit out dated now I remember the book implored for the electric car to become the car of today instead of the car of tomorrow Crazy how in less than 10 years how much has changed Looking back it's uite encouraging to see the electric car as the little electric train that could It's

  • Filiberto Alvarez

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningBottled Lightningis a fascinating story on the development of the electric car The book starts of by talking about the development of the electric car from the beginingits name and while it was a concept to the latest electric cars It mainly focuses on one specific part of the electric car the battery It focuuses heavaliy on the battery for very long due to being a fundumental and problemental part of the electric car While talking about the battery it goes very in depth into its history and how it works I would recomend this book to anyone looking into electric cars to get a better understanding The book is very informational and portrays its information in 2 ways It protrays its information either by a history lesson or an indepth analysis Overall its a very good book

  • Ted Daniels

    READ ´ Bottled Lightning Bottled LightningThis book covers a lot of bases The development of electric cars technical and political the history of super batteries leading to the current lithium ion technology the interdependence of the auto and battery industries and a look into the future of battery development The book is a uick read and not overly technical However your understanding will be enhanced if you remember some of your high school chemistryBottled Lightning was published in 2011 so I need to do some on line research to see what further progress has been made in the last seven years