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REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה ↠ ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ סיפור חרבת חזעה ❁ Author S. Yizhar – This classic 1949 novella about the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army has long been considered a high point in Hebrew literature as it has also given rise to KINDLE סיפור חרבת חזעה Author S. Yizhar This classic 1949 novella about the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army has long been considered a high point in Hebrew literature as it has also given rise to.


Fierce contro This classic novella about the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army has long been considered a high point in Hebrew literature as it has also given rise to fierce controversy over the years Published just months after the end of the war in סי.

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סיפור חרבת חזעהפור חרבת PDF/EPUB or which the author fought the book as famous for Yizhar's haunting lyrical style as for its wrenchingly honest soldier's eye view of the brutality of that war and perhaps all wars An absolute must for anyone interested in Middle Eastern literature and histor.

REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה Yizhar Smilansky Hebrew יזהר סמילנסקי‎ September – August known by his pen name S Yizhar Hebrew ס יזהר‎ was an Israeli writer and politicianYizhar Smilansky was born in Rehovot to a family of writers His great uncle was Israeli writer Moshe Smilansky His father סיפור חרבת PDF/EPUB or Zev Zass Smilensky was also a writer After earning a degree in education Yizhar taught in Yavniel Ben S.

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  • Nate D

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהAll too typical US meddling mixed with various toxic nationalisms is costing lives once again and I have just stumbled onto this window back into how we got here an Israeli account of the original ejection of the Palestinians by an embattled new state 1948 1949 published the same year Begun two days ago in sorrowThis is a story told by a soldier in the newly formed Israeli army of the expulsion of the confused unresisting inhabitants of a Palestinian village It's war there are orders this is the enemy an initially totally dehumanized enemy at that it is earned the new settlers will make so much of this country the justifications are many but they can't silence the mounting unease and doubt in the protagonist's head in S Yizhar's for he was there a young Israeli intelligence officer the voices cascading with a dense allusive modernism that suggest that no number of wrongs will ever add up to a right 60 years later upon the re publishing of this short

  • Shirley

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהAbout two weeks ago there was a review of this republished novella on the back page of the NYTimes book review that I couldn't resist I immediately got the novella and wasn't disappointed It was published in May 1949 and describes the feelings and moral dilemma of the soldier narrator who is part of an Israeli detail sent to destroy a Palestinian village As he watches the villagers driven into exile he becomes and outraged but ultimately remains an observer not an activist The sensitivity of the narrator to his own growing discomfort with the operation is visceral; the descriptions of the bewildered villagers and the desperate mothers are painful; and the reader feels the fear of exile as palpably as the villagers A

  • Karim

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהThis is a beautifully written book that poetically delivers the tragedy of dispossession and exile told by one of whom are

  • Alex Linschoten

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהExtraordinary S Yizhar real name Yizhar Smilansky published this short book in 1949 The plot takes place during the expulsions and operations of 1948 when soldiers were forcing Palestinian occupants of villages and reshaping the human geography of the territory under their control Khirbet Khizeh is the name of one such village which the protagonist visits with his military unit and expels its inhabitants The book is short but packs an incredible punch It's remarkable over that Yizhar manages to sound his cry of injustice without lapsing into polemic The edition of the book that I read closes with a strong afterword by David Shulman who contextualises the original work and connects it to the present momentHighly recommendedUPDATE I had opportunity to think about this book overnight and also learnt about the concept of shooting and weeping of which Yizhar is supposedly a proto example Responses to this book can and should be

  • Anetq

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהFirst published in 1949 this documents the dislocation of Palestinians from their villages here the fictional village Khirbet Khizeh as told by an Israeli soldier on the ground who seems to be the only one seeing how the palestinians are sent into the same exile the Israelis just escaped This is the story of 'Al Nakba The Palestinian Catastrophe' or

  • Deborah Feingold

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהPainstaking and painful story describing the forced removal of Palestinians from their land in Israel's War of Independence Reminiscent of Tim

  • M Wiegers

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהA must read Khirbet Khizeh is a short novel written by a former Israeli intelligence officer personalizing the expulsion of the residents of a Palestinian village in 1948 Timely in part for its ability to dramatize the rationalizations individuals contrive in order to allow them to perform acts of brutality and violenceIbis Editions continues to set a high standard for publishing with moral urgency

  • Justin Evans

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהIt's not KK it's me that this book is wise I can agree with absolutely That it is still shockingly wise as the blurb suggests is a little bit much Turns out the Israeli occupation wasn't and isn't all that noble a thing The prose was decent but not so good that it took me away from the obviousness of the rest of the book I'm glad this was written that it's still in print a

  • Marwan Asmar

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהA review from the Guardian Newspaper Khirbet Khizeh by S YizharIn his novella of the 1948 war the Israeli writer S Yizhar sought to preserve the memory of the Palestinian nakba Jacueline Rose on a haunting tale that still stirs intense controversy Share5 Jacueline Rose The Guardian Saturday 12 March 2011 Article history Israeli soldiers 1948 Photograph © Hulton Deutsch CollectionCORB Near the beginning of Khirbet Khizeh the extraordinary 1949 novella by S Yizhar the narrator describes the dangers to a soldier of thinking we kne

  • Daniel Sevitt

    REVIEW ✓ סיפור חרבת חזעה סיפור חרבת חזעהPicked up this novella in a second hand store in New York having never heard of it before Turns out it was uite the thing in Israel back in the 50s It is a lyrical account of an Israeli attack on a Palestinian village in 1948 that was published to great acclaim less that a year after the end of the War of Independence It tells a familiar story of young soldiers engaged in actions they don’t really understand with different ideas of the nature of war and the nature of their enemies The afterword highlights some of the things I was missing by reading it in translation and made me wish my Hebrew was good enough to understand it in the original and my knowledge of the Bible good enough to pick up the references Still the translation is excellent and the narrative urgent and compelling I understand this used to be a set text in Israeli schools I think that was probably a good thing