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SUMMARY ê Phantoms Å ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ Phantoms Author Christian Kiefer – In the panoramic tradition of Charles Frazier’s fiction Phantoms is a fierce saga of American culpability A Vietnam vet still reeling from war John Frazier finds himself an unwitting witness to a co In the panoramic tradition of Charles Frazier’s fBOOKS Phantoms Author Christian Kiefer In the panoramic tradition of Charles Frazier’s fiction Phantoms is a fierce saga of American culpability A Vietnam vet still reeling from war John Frazier finds himself an unwitting witness to a co In the panoramic tradition of Charles Frazier’s fiction Phantoms is a fierce saga of American culpability A Viet.

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Plagued both families What happened to the Takahashi son Ray when he returned from service and found that Placer County was no longer home—that nowhere was home for a Japanese American As layers of family secrets unravel the harrowing truth forces John to examine his own guiltIn prose recalling Thomas Wolfe Phantoms is a stunning exploration of the ghosts of American exceptionalism that haunt us toda.


PhantomsNam vet still reeling from war John Frazier finds himself an unwitting witness to a confrontation decades in the making between two steely matriarchs his aunt Evelyn Wilson and her former neighbor Kimiko Takahashi John comes to learn that in the onslaught of World War II the Takahashis had been displaced as once beloved tenants of the Wilson orchard and sent to an internment camp One uestion has always.

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  • Marcy Dermansky

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsChristian Kiefer's PHANTOMS tells a story I haven't read in fiction before giving us a Japanese family forced to leave there home and live in an interment camp at the end of World War II And this is what I love about fiction a writer taking me some place I haven't imagined before The opening chapter about a soldier a you

  • Susan Johnson

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsThere are times when I get really mad at myself I put off reading this book because I thought it would be sad and depressing Was I ever wrong This is a

  • Jill

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsSherman famously said “War is hell” but the real hell is how it dehumanizes us and forces us to be less than who we are In this novel Christian Kiefer takes arguably two of the four most hideous parts of America’s past – the Japanese internment and Vietnam the other two being slavery and the current caging of immigrant children and weaves a tale of the ghosts that haunt usRay Takahashi is a young American of Japanese descent whose family is forced into an internment camp even while he fights for the American forces He leaves behind a young sweetheart – his forbidden love Over a generation later John Frazier a burnt out Vietnam Vet and novelist finds himself inadvertently immersed in Ray’s story – what happened and why – precisely at a time when he is trying to tackle his own ghosts Adding to the mix are the two matriarchs – Ray’s mother and John’s elderly aunt –

  • Kasa Cotugno

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsThere really is a Newcastle California And 70 years ago a thriving orchard business of fruit production despite its being in the heart of gold country As WWII breaks two families personify the dichotomy of the population The landowning Wilsons and their tenants the indispensable Takahashis who have been instrumental in rejuvenating the orchards and making them flourish This book begins at the war's end with Ray Takahashi home from the European front but all is not what it first seems Interwoven is the story of John Frazier twenty plus years later related to the Wilsons fighting his own demons from the Vietnam War What Christian Kiefer has managed to do is craft an account incorporating the effects of war not only on the young men who enter service and have their lives forever changed but also the lives of

  • Susan Emmet

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsEnduring the seemingly unbearable with grace and dignity The Buddhist belief in gaman links all the pieces of this well researched historical novelJohn Frazer ill with PTSD and addiction returns from Vietnam a broken soul As his attempts to heal falter fail and then succeed a bit he is enmeshed in the story of his Aunt Evelyn Wilson's family and that of the Takahashi family who live in Placer County California before during and after World War II Without dumping too much of the mystery Frazer ends up being the link to uncover and discover what really happened during Japanese internment and the aftermath of WW II As lost as he is he nonetheless pursues the stories over many years as he goes to school marries has a family and tries to write the book long plannedThis is a moving and truthful novel full of suspense and sorrow and surprise Would that human beings learn from their mistakes

  • Jk

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsI received a free advance reading copy of this book through the Goodreads Giveaways program and would like to thank anyone involved in making that happenThis is a uietly beautiful novel that deals with the aftermath of war and how it reverberates through generations It tells the heartbreaking story of two intertwined families ripped apart by World War II and tenuously reunited by old family secrets and mysteries

  • Paul

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsIt's 1969 A strung out Vietnam vet returns to his California hometown where he encounters an aunt he doesn't know well but who asks him to drive her to San Jose so she can visit an old friend Upon arriving his aunt and her friend an elderly Japanese lady do not seem especially happy to see each other and in fact sit in the

  • Mai Nguyễn

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsAs a Vietnamese I was curious to read this book having heard that one of the characters of PHANTOMS is a Vietnam War veteran I was particularly interested in the way the author Christian Kiefer represents post war trauma in his fiction And I was not disappointed PHANTOMS highlights the facts that wars do not end when the related battles end Wars kills not just soldiers but also their family members These truths are reflected beautifully in this powerful heart breaking and incredibly poetic novel I love this novel also because the author did a tremendous amount of research to be able to paint a realistic picture about the harsh treatments that Japanese Americans received The Japanese army indeed did horrific things in many countries including in my homeland Vietnam but there was no reason for ordinary Japanese or people

  • Nancy

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsGorgeous writing foreshadowing that draws the reader to turn pages wonderful characters and an exploration of deeply American themes propelled me to read Phantoms by Christian Kiefer in two sittingsJohn Frazier returns from Vietnam a shattered man He moves in with his grandmother and takes

  • Sharon

    SUMMARY ê Phantoms PhantomsI made a decision earlier this year to read books by or about people of color which was why I picked up Phantoms It is the story of two Placer County famiies one white and one Japanese in the days of World War II Both families are affected by internments prejudice and The Takahashis are tenants on the Wilson farm helping Mr Wilson with his orchards Their elder son Raymond is great friends with the Wilson kids Jimmy and Helen When Japanese fam