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Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ð ❮Read❯ ➵ Ice Cold Author Tess Gerritsen – Something terrible has happened in the snowbound village of Kingdom Come Wyoming Twelve eerily identical houses stand dark and abandoned Cars still parked in garages The human occupants have vanished Something terrible has happened in the snRead Ice Cold Author Tess Gerritsen Something terrible has happened in the snowbound village of Kingdom Come Wyoming Twelve eerily identical houses.

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S stand dark and abandoned Cars still parked in garages The human occupants have vanished seemingly into thin airthis is the unsettling place where Maura Isles finds herself trapped during a snowstor.

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Ice ColdStand dark and abandoned Cars still parked in garages The human occupants have vanished Something terrible has happened in the snowbound village of Kingdom Come Wyoming Twelve eerily identical house.

Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career A graduate of Stanford University Tess went on to medical school at the University of California San Francisco where she was awarded her MDWhile on maternity leave from her work as a physician she began to write fiction In her first novel was published Call After Midnight a romantic thriller.

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  • Jean

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdWhat could be refreshing on a hot 90 degree Fahrenheit May day than reading a book titled Ice Cold Tess Gerritsen’s eighth Rizzoli Isles thriller is uite a chiller What starts as a November get away for a medical conference turns out to be an unwanted adventure of the worst kind for pathologist Dr Maura IslesMaura meets up with an old med school colleague while attending a conference in Wyoming and agrees to accompany him his t

  • Jenn

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdWHY Tess whyAllow me to premise this review by saying that I have read every one of Ms Gerritsen’s books and loved most of them barring only the Mephisto Club She is a brilliant writer and the first few novels of Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles were wonderful theatrical worthy thrill

  • Jonetta

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdMaura Isles attends a medical conference in Wyoming and reunites with a man she knew from college A spur of the moment decision to join him his two friends and teenage daughter for a skiing junket proves to be foolhardy when they get lost on the way and end up stranded in a remote location They find 12 deserted cabins nearby in a place called Kingdom Come and fight for survival with no cell service or electricityI jumped into this story without reading the blurb and liked that I had no idea where it would lead I’ve only included the barest minimum above This was pretty terrifying and had so many turns and bends the creepy town being one of the biggest mysteries The weather was an important element as it took away any and all normal choices under similar circumstances Nothing about this story was predictable and I had no clue as to what was going on until it was revealed near the end I really liked Tany

  • Thomas

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice Cold4This is a tense mystery with than one villain Dr Maura Isles Boston Medical Examiner is in Wyoming for a medical conference The conference is over and she is invited on a last minute ski trip by an old acuaintance from medical school She joi

  • Erin

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdIce Cold is book number 8 in the Rizzoli Isles series This one started off a little slow but finished strong While in Wyoming for a medical conference Maura Isles joins a group of friends on a ski trip and gets stranded in a blizzard Days later charred remains identified as Maura's are discovered Jane Rizzoli and her husband set out for Wyoming to recover her remains I don't want to say much because this book has so many layers and it's best if you go in blind Ice Cold was the first book in this series to make me shake with anger because I don't understand why adults stand by and allow or ignore the sexual abuse of children I don't get it That's now how I was raised So I was pissed at a lot of grown motherfuckers looking the other way or not wanting to get involved I didn't read book #7 The Keepsake because I couldn't find it for cheap but I will eventually read it I really like the Rizzoli and Isl

  • Barbara

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdIn this 8th book in the 'Rizzoli and Isles' series medical examiner Maura Isles finds a body while she's in Wyoming for a medical conference The book can be read as a standaloneAfter a Wyoming medical conference is finished Maura Isles and her friends take off on an icy road to go skiing Their car stalls and they hike to some nearby buildings where they make as startling discoveryMaura and her companions find a burnt body which is an interesting development but the story uickly goes off the rails The detective work is beyond incompetent and the plot strays into too many pathways one unbelievable than the next I think the other Rizzoli Isles books which I haven't read must be better than thisYou can follow my reviews at

  • Heidi

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdThe Rizzoli and Isles series is a solid bet for a great read every installment But Gerritsen really knocked it out of the park this time Certainly starts a bit on the slow side— but grab a deep breath because somewhere in the first uarter of the book it takes off Twice I had to put it down because I was either too creeped out or couldn’t take the suspense So take a deep breath because once it gets going you may be breathless tooNo need to recap the storyline— others do that far better than I Bottom line— Great mystery great storyline featu

  • Paige Bookdragon

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdPro I thought Maura would die and her undecisive ass would be sent straight to kingdom come snickerCon False alarm The bitch lives

  • Jim

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice Cold“I believe that every experience every wrong decision teaches us something That’s why we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes” Boston medical examiner Dr Maura Isles is headed to a pathologists' conference in Jackson Hole Wyoming As she is about to depart she finds herself at a crossroads in her relationship with Fr Daniel Brophy She is tired of the secrecy and inability to be with him or even to be able talk with him She looks at homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her FBI agent husband Gabriel Dean and sees what a relationship should be What she wants What she can't have with DanielAt the conference Maura meets another pathologist she knew from college He was always adventurous a bit daring and apparently hasn't changed too much He is planning on taking a ski trip with his daughter and two friends after the conference and invites Maura to join them She decides that for once why not Do something different and unexpected

  • Linda Alexander

    Ice Cold free read ☆ 106 Ice ColdOne of the reasons I enjoyed 'Ice Cold' to such a degree was due to the story mostly dealing with a cult because it seems there are uite a few in the US and it is alarming how much control they have over their members' minds Tess Gerritsen certainly found a hot topic to write about in my opinionTess just really 'hooks' a person at the get go and next thing one is so absorbed into the lives of the characters I started this book on Monday and found myself staying up all night to finish it unfortunately with only the last 40 pages left to read my eyes would no longer stay open Had to finish reading it this morning TuesdayBooks that are in the 425 page category again in my personal opinion make me just want them to end long before the last page but this story was so terrific it seemed only 322 pages was entirely too brief I think she could have expounded