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CassandraNg lady who will change his life After a whirlwind courtship the couple marry But after only a year of marriage disaster strikes and Darcy loses his wife in childbirth Stricken with grief Darcy is left with a young daughter to raise without his beloved wife by his side Darcy is ultimately convinced to return to society by his cousin Colonel Fi.

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Tzwilliam and almost three years later he returns to London in the company of his sister and his daughter Through the assistance of old friends and new Darcy is once again induced to take an interest in life and move past his heartbreak And though he is convinced that lightning never strikes twice perhaps Darcy will be able to find love again.

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Free download ß Cassandra 100 ¹ ❰Read❯ ➲ Cassandra Author Jann Rowland – As a young man of five and twenty Fitzwilliam meets a young lady who will change his life After a whirlwind courtship the couple marry But after only a year of marriage disaster strikes and Darcy lose As a young man of five and twentyRead Cassandra Author Jann Rowland As a young man of five and twenty Fitzwilliam meets a young lady who will change his life After a whirlwind courtship the couple marry But after only a year of marriage disaster strikes and Darcy lose As a young man of five and twenty Fitzwilliam meets a you.

Free download ß Cassandra 100 Jann Rowland is a Canadian born and bred Other than a two year span in which he lived in Japan he has been a resident of the Great White North his entire life though he professes to still hate the wintersThough Jann did not start writing until his mid twenties writing has grown from a hobby to an all consuming passion His interests as a child were almost exclusively centered on the exotic f.

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  • J. W. Garrett

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 Cassandra“Grief is in two parts The first is loss The second is the remaking of life” Anne RoipheWe are 22% into the book before we ever hear the name Cassandra The beginning had a very déjà vu feeling of the Meryton Assembly with an uncomfortable Darcy at a London ball due to his cousin Fitzwilliam trying to get him to dance Every nuance was similar to canon except he didn’t insult the lady and decided to talk to her instead That lead to a dance and from there it was a whirlwind romance courtship marriage birth of a child and death Oh our dear Darcy was destroyed because we know that when he loved he loved completely “Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the uality of my life I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness immobilized by the gravity of my loss or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself” Walter AndersonOur story continues over t

  • Debbie

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraThis story has the wonderful premise of Darcy as a widower with a daughter having married for love years before he ever meets Elizabeth It is told from his point of view moving from crippling grief almost to the point of madness finally coming or less to his senses and trying to live again resisting Lady Catherine's renewed insistence that he m

  • Sheila Majczan

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraIn this variation on PP it may be difficult to accept but Darcy does meet and fall in love with a soul mate other than Elizabeth Bennet I am not giving anything away here; you have to read book descriptions before you make a decision to buy And we are told much about “Act 1” in which he meets marries and then loses his first love That same book description aka reader feedback tells of a promise he makes to his wife and of the siren call of Bingley's wife's sister and the last paragraph of that description also hints of a courtship of one “Miss

  • Leslie

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraThis is a very different PP what if Firstly it contains almost no Pride Nor Prejudice Secondly it is set in a universe where Darcy is a widower when he meets Lizzy Now that alone isn't so unusual but his bride isn't his sickly cousin but a vivacious young lady named CassandraWhen he meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet at the home of her sister Mrs Jane Bingley he is suddenly taken with her It has been 2 12 years since his wife died and he isn't looking for love; but can't resist the charm of Miss Bennet In this universe Caroline Bingley irrationally hates Lizzy I say that because the only reason she didn't like Elizabeth was that Mr Darcy had remarked upon her 'fine eyes' But this Caroline is just borderline psycho Lady Catherine is also portrayed and a loon and Wickham never gets near Georgiana I found myself not liking this Darcy because of hi

  • Mary Ann

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraAnother great variation by an author who never disappoints It is a well written novel with a different twist where Darcy finds love the second time which he thought would never happen At first when I purchased the novel I thought it was about Jane Austen's sister Cassandra Low and behold it was about his daughter by his first wifeIt takes someone special to love another's child and Elizabeth was that special someone It proves that time heals all wounds helps to understand loss and helps to live and love again It is proven in Darcy's love for his first wife and then goes on to show it in the love and family he has with ElizabethAno

  • Barb

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraCassandra is a very lovely story but what I most enjoy reading in JAFF is a story that varies from the original Pride and Prejudice but still has the basic foundation of Darcy shunning Elizabeth because of her social status and lack of wealth but eventually realizing his love for her overcomes his pride And I expect to see Elizabeth showing some sort of prejudice against him I then struggle to determine what rating to give when the story is well written and enjoyable but these fundamental pieces are missing This is particularly difficult when there are many aspects of the original in the story such as Elizabeth turning down Mr Collins and Lydia running off with Mr Wickham Such is my problem in reviewing Cassandra Cassandra strays far off the mark from canon with Darcy

  • Charlene

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraCassandrauite an interesting PP vagary In this alternative Darcy is married way before he ever meets Elizabeth Bennet Unfortunately for him his wife dies in child Birth and he is desolate for he loved her dearly and wishes to never marry again So what is to happen to our beloved couple Well they do meet through Bingley except Bingley is already married to the lovely Jane Bennet This story is really the journey of Darcy learning to go on and to learn to love and trust love again There really wasn't any angst per se in this story Of course we see Miss Bingley behaving like the witch she is and of course the dragon Lady Catherine DeBourge makes an appearance So all in all was a very diverting story and I in j

  • Ann Smith

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraI uite enjoyed this Although it is strange to think of Darcy being married to someone other than Elizabeth his character in this story is little different to the way he is portrayed in the original There is very little angst in this story probably the most disturbing aspect is the way Darcy ignores his child although it is clear why I would say it is a charmingvery human story with Caroline Bingley providing the comic reliefMy only real complaint is that the epilogue rounds up t

  • Tina

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraTo start off the blurb for this book is very misleading I thought that the young woman he married when he was twenty five was Elizabeth and that he falls in love with another woman in this book It's actually uite the reverse So the name of the book refers to the name of his daughter and his late wife Of course she is never mentioned by name except when he states that both of them have the same nameThere really isn't a antagonist unless you count Caroline and she's of an annoyance than anything else Even Wickham doesn't make an appearance until almost the end of the book and he is stopped fast enough The majority of the book is just him f

  • Carol Perrin

    Free download ß Cassandra 100 CassandraCassandraA delightful variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice While Jann Rowland's story is very different from Austen's our favorite couple is foremost in his story Caroline Bingley was even obnoxious than normal and finally put in her place by Charles Hurst and Darcy not to mention Elizabeth Wickham was in this story too but only the elopement with Lydia was covered The uick action of Bingley Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam stopped the elopement from happening Lydia recognized her mistake and dramatically reforms with