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❮Reading❯ ➶ Bitter Greens Author Kate Forsyth – Connecfloor.co.uk A Library Journal Best Book of 2014 Historical Fiction The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire black magic and the redReading Bitter Greens Author Kate Forsyth Connecfloorcouk A Library Journal Best Book of 2014 Historical Fiction The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire black magic and the red A Library Journal Best Book of Historical Fiction The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire black magic and the redemptive power of love French novelist Charlotte Rose de la Force has been banish

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Ed from the court of Versailles by the Sun King Louis XIV after a series of scandalous love affairs At the convent she is comforted by an old nun Sœur Seraphina who tells her the tale of a young girl who a hundred years earlier is sold by her parents for a handful of Bitter GreensAfter Margherita's father steals parsley from the walled garden of the courtesan Selena Leonelli he is threatened with having both hands cut off unless he and his wife relinuish their precious little girl Selena is the famous red haired muse of the artist Tiziano first painted by him in

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Bitter GreensAnd still inspiring him at the time of his death She is at the center of Renaissance life in Venice a world of beauty and danger seduction and betrayal love and superstitionLocked away in a tower Margherita sings in the hope that someone will hear her One day a young man doesAward winning author Kate Forsyth braids together the stories of Margherita Selena and Charlotte Rose the woman who penned Rapunzel as we now know it to create what is a sumptuous historical novel an enchanting fairy tale retelling and a loving tribute to the imagination of one remarkable woma

PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at the age of seven and is now the internationally bestselling author of books for both adults and children Her books for adults include 'Beauty in Thorns' the true love story behind a famous painting of 'Sleeping Beauty'; 'The Beast's Garden' a retelling of the Grimm version of 'Beauty the Beast' set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WW.

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  • Kate Forsyth

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensThis book has very deep roots that run right back into my childhood when I was intrigued and enchanted by the original fairytale of Rapunzel I have always wanted to write a retelling of the Rpaunzel fairytale but my problem was how to reinvent the tale and make it fresh and surprising and compelling It took me a very long time to write this book and I'm very happy to see it with a beautiful dreamy romantic fairytale cover I hope anyone who reads it is enchanted and spellbound

  • Debra

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensI LOVED this book The tale of Rapunzel has been brought to life in a book full of black magic jealousy greed love desire and redemptionWhat worked in this book? EVERYTHING I have grown to love books told through various characters POV I used to really get annoyed with lots of different POV chapters But in this book the different POV chapters worked brilliantly I loved that I learned the POV of the girl locked in the tower to then read the POV of the witch that had locked her there I loved learning how the witch came to be a witch her motivations desires her need to always look young Plus there is also the POV of Cha

  • Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews)

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensRead This Review More Like It On My BlogAn Easy uiz To See If Bitter Greens Is For You#1 Do you like strong flawed and inherent compelling female narrators?#2 Do you enjoy reading new twists and interpretations of old fairytales?#3 Does historical fiction with excellent place as character for both Versailles and Venice appeal to your reading tastes?#4 Do you like a little magic subtly interwoven into your historical fiction?#5 Have you read and enjoyed similar books like Kill Me Softly Strands of Bronze and Gold or The Brides of Rollrock Island?#6 Are you attracted to novels with romance but ones that don't focus solely on the love connections of the main characters?#7 Are you constantly looking for a novel with length that will keep you engaged and curious from start to end?#8 Has it been a while since you've had the chance to read a fresh and original story?If you answered yes to the above uestions and really I can't imagine why you would say no then Bitter Greens is a book f

  • Maja - BibliophiliaDK ✨

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensFAIRY TALE RETELLING PERFECTLY BLENDED WITH HISTORICAL FICTION 💛✨ Popsugar Reading Challenge 2019✨ ✨✨A books with a title that contains salty sweet bitter or spicy✨✨I really had no expectations going into this book but I am so happy I picked it up It combines two of my favourite genres fairy tales and historical fiction It has magic love feminism independence family and so many other wonderful things Just goes to show that sometimes you really should take a chance with the books you read Note to self mostly There are only three choices for women in this world that we live in You can be be a nun or a wife or a whore 💛 THE THINGS I LOVED 💛POVs This book tel

  • Jenna

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensIf I could give this book ten BIG golden stars I would Actually I am giving away a copy so let me know if you are interested in me putting your name in the drawing or head over to buildabookshelfcom on Sept 23 to enter It starts Sept 23 Sept 29 If you are a US resident then I will add all my likes from here into the drawing as well A special thanks to Amy Bruno for the advanced copy for an honest review as well as St Martin's Press and Kate ForsythThis is a retelling of the most famous fairytale Rapunzel It is told from the girl with the long hair’s POV the witch’s POV and the author of the story Charlotte Rose de la Force from the late 1600’s POV Somehow all three are told simultaneously yet individua

  • Rachael McDiarmid

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensI work in the book industry and when I first read about this book I begged Random House for an advance reading copy When it arrived I actually suealed with delight Once I started I couldn't put it down It's the best historical fiction work I've read in a long time and trust me I read uite a bit Bitter Greens is beautifully written with wonderful female characters and a story that just had to be told I must admit I was

  • Shomeret

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensThe ideal reader for this book would be someone who loves both historical fiction and fairy tales The reader who dislikes one of these types of narratives is likely to find a large portion of the novel rather tiresome Fortunately I am one of those readers who does enjoy both For me the most interesting aspect of Bitter Greens is its structure The two story lines are braided like Rapunzel’s hair They share themes All the female characters struggle for independence and the power to decide their own destinies These themes are also uncovered in the life story of the witch who confined Rapunzel She too had to fight for the freedom to make her own choices but her fears still bound her This background on the witch makes her a

  • Krystal

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter Greens Mordieu This is one heck of a storyImagine my surprise when I got to the Afterward and discovered Charlotte Rose de Caumont de la Force was a real person and much of this account is inspired by her real life I find it so incredibly fascinating and now I'm dying to know as much about her as possible What an added bonus to an extraordinary tale I've also been fascinated by 16th17th century French history since I fell in love with The Three Musketeers so this just hit me right in my happy place That came out weird but you know what I mean Right? Bitter Greens begins with Charlotte's exile to a convent and I confess I thought this was going to be a tale of her hardships within and her attempts to escape al

  • C.W.

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensKate Forsyth's BITTER GREENS is not only a magnificent achievement that would make any novelist jealous it's one of the most beautiful paeans to the magic of storytelling that I've ever read Told in the points of view of three women linked to the legend of the girl locked by a curse in a tower the story begins in the dazzling corrupt France of the Sun King where witty hapless Charlotte Rose de la Force finds herself immured in a convent after a disastrous affair that displeased the king Railing against her fate she finds herself drawn against her will into the confidences of a beatific nun who relays to her the story of Marguerita an innocent living in sixteenth century Venice who is sold to a rapacious witch for a handful of bitter gre

  • Lizzy

    PDF ¸ BOOK Bitter Greens FREE Bitter GreensI'll start by saying Yes I would recommend you read this book Forsyths telling of Rapunzel is beautiful you cannot help but feel heart broken for the young Marghuerita Her tale about the witch Selena is also masterfully written giving the character depth than you could think possibleI believe the issue of this novel lay with Charlotte Rose She is the protagonist of the tale and we spend most of our time following her story While I find her story interesting I don't think it's as well written as the rest of the book In these chapters it felt to me as if Forsyth had decided to add every bit of information that took place in seventeenth century France into this novel The devil is in the detail and in this case I felt it was too much detailThese chapters really just slowed the whole thing down and often than not the only times I could put the book down were during t